21st Century Citizenship

Since 2003, the Institute for Citizenship has been undertaking groundbreaking research on what it means to be a citizen in the 21st century. For more information about the Institute’s 21st Century Citizenship work please see the article below.

Political and Economic Literacy - 21st Century ‘Skills for Life’

21st Century Citizenship - A Summary

Citizen and state - a relationship in crisis

The underlying problems

The challenge and the essential role of 21st Century Citizenship

The challenge is to forge a new relationship between citizen and state that is:

The Institute for Citizenship believes that:

The Institute for Citizenship believes the future of democracy depends on a better understanding of these dynamics. Our work supports a sharper focus on the shared agenda of big issues affecting all citizens (economy, environment, corporate accountability, political engagement etc) and a broad-based, rational and whole-society approach to addressing 21st century challenges.