About Us

What We Do

The Institute is a national independent charity that promotes democratic citizenship and citizenship life skills. We were formed by the Late Lord Weatherill (former Speaker of the House of Commons) in 1992 following the work of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Commission on Citizenship (1990).

From research to practical projects:

”…the importance of involving young people - all people - in political decision making is greater than ever. Globally and locally we face new and complex challenges, it is important that everyone takes part in the debate…”

We work with a range of partner organisations to help produce groundbreaking projects and events that help citizens engage with their rights and responsibilities.

Listed below are a range of projects that we are currently working on in order to promote informed, active citizenship and greater participation in democracy and society. We do this through a combination of projects, events, research, education and discussion and debate.

What is Citizenship

Traditionally, it describes the relationship between the citizen and the state. It means acquiring skills that enable us to participate in the decisions that shape our future.

21st Century Citizenship

The Institute believes democracy matters, is fragile and should not be taken for granted. The health of democracy depends on the quality of the relationship between citizen and state.


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