5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Next Rubbish Removal Company

With hundreds of Rubbish Removal companies on the market, how can you find the right one for you and your rubbish removal job? In a bid to help you make the right choice when it comes to your next waste collection, we have compiled a list of five helpful tips for choosing the best rubbish removal firm for you.

1. Ask about their experience

When researching your next rubbish removal company, it is always a good idea to ask about the company’s experience - both in regard to jobs like yours and others. This can be measured in terms of anything from years to completed jobs and training. In particular, you might want to ask how often they complete rubbishey proceed with them to give you a better idea of how experienced and organised theh removals and how t companies are before hiring them, since those with experience often get the job done more promptly and with less hassle.

Another thing to remember is that it might be better to opt for a company that specialises in rubbish removals than one that offers plenty of services, but specialises in none!

2. Enquire about personalised packages

It is also important to see how well various waste removal firms can fit your specific needs. For example, some rubbish removal companies might only offer a package that is too big, or too small for your particular neednwhile, other companies may be able to work with you to create a better and more customisable packags. Meae. This can be anything from regular rubbish removal and collection appointments to removing a specific amount of waste. Regardless of what your needs are, there will always be a company that can meet these better than others.

3. Check customer reviews

Perhaps most important of all, you should check customer reviews and recommendations of the company and service. Although these are often available as testimonials on their site, looking at impartial review sites such as Google Reviews or on social media pages, such as Facebook, will give you the most realistic picture of what a waste removal company is really like since these are not filtered or selective.

4. Request and compare free quotes!

Most waste management companies offer free quotations on their work, meaning it is quick and easy to receive a quote and compare these to others you might have received. When receiving these quotes, it is a good idea to have prepared a fairly accurate estimate of the amount of waste involved so that you can discuss the quote in greater detail with the company and potentially even negotiate a better deal. Although it is tempting to opt for the cheapest quote available, it is important to also consider the value of the services available, since it is better to pay slightly more and have the job done properly!

One extra tip is to ensure the quote you have received is fixed, or accounts for potential surcharges and hidden costs, since this can often make rubbish removals considerably more expensive than we initially thought!

5. Consider their record on Eco-friendliness

With recent government reports highlighting that the UK generated 221 million tonnes of waste in just one year, it has never been more important to consider the environment when disposing of our waste. With this in mind, we recommend enquiring with rubbish removal companies about their commitment to the environment and, more specifically, whether they dispose of the waste they collect in an eco-friendly manner.

A good waste removal company will be able to discuss where different waste will end up, and all companies should provide you with a waste transfer note at the end of the job to prove it. However, you can also get a good idea by asking companies what percentage of their waste avoids the landfill. Bear in mind that some of the best rubbish removal companies ensure that 80% or more of the waste they collect is recycled.