How To Prepare For A Big Rubbish Removal

From renovations to landscaping projects, large rubbish removal can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have compiled some top tips for preparing for a big rubbish removal to make the process run that bit more smoothly!

1. Create A List Of Waste To Dispose Of

When starting a large renovation or just clearing the rubbish out of your home, the best place to start is by creating a list of waste that you want to dispose of. Whether this is from an entire property or just one room, listing the type of items you are looking to remove is a great way to stay organised when separating rubbish from items you want to keep. It is a good idea to either bag or collate these in a certain area to keep them out of the way of other items and ensure only your rubbish gets removed.

What’s more, this list is a fantastic way to communicate accurately with rubbish removal services about the amount and types of waste you are looking to have collected and is therefore more likely to lead to a quick and fixed quotation if you decide to book a rubbish removal firm.

2. Gain An Understanding of Weight and Volume of Waste

On that topic, it is a good idea to gain an understanding of the weight and volume of your waste, especially if you are asked to pass this information onto a rubbish removal company when booking. Likewise, if you are hiring a skip for your rubbish removal project, you will need to know the weight of the items you are putting in, since more often than not, the size and style of skip required will depend on the weight it will hold.

3. Choose A Reputable Rubbish Removal Company

The most important thing to prepare for a large rubbish removal is how you are going to transport and get rid of the waste. Whilst you can do this by arranging trips to your local recycling centre or by organising the special collection of bulky waste from your local council, these options often have restrictions on the type and amount of waste disposed of, long waiting times and costs attached, so if you are going to opt for these methods then it is best to book ahead and do your research.

For a more professional and prompt rubbish removal experience, you might want to hire a reputable rubbish removal company with flexible appointments, affordable costs and a comprehensive service. When booking one of these, it is important to research available companies and the services that they provide, since you want to be sure you are trusting a reputable collection and disposal company to get rid of your waste responsibly.

4. Ensure Easy Access To Waste On The Day of Collection

On the day of waste collection and removal, it is important to ensure that either you or the rubbish removal company have easy and safe access to the rubbish being collected and transported. Although rubbish removal companies offer a comprehensive service, many will refuse to collect waste where it is not safe or too difficult to retrieve it since they need to protect both your property and their staff. For this reason, it is important to ensure all rubbish is easily accessible. What’s more, it should speed up the rubbish removal process too!