How To Choose Between Rubbish Removal Services and Skip Hire

With our properties and projects quickly racking up large quantities of waste that requires disposal, many people don’t know whether to hire a rubbish removal service or a skip, often because they don’t understand the differences between the two offerings. That’s why we have crafted this blog to help you choose the right waste management option for you!

What are the differences between rubbish removal services and skip hire?

Rubbish removal services tend to provide a comprehensive service whereby they attend your property, clear your space and dispose of the waste as soon as it is collected. By comparison, skip hire is where you hire a large metal container and it is delivered to your property for you to load and later have collected.

Perhaps the biggest difference between rubbish removal services and skip hire is that rubbish removal services involve the hire of people who deliver a service, whilst skip hire is just that. When hiring a skip it is unlikely that you will receive assistance from the skip hire company when it comes to loading your skip, but when you arrange a rubbish removal and collection service, the team do most of the heavy lifting work for you - and more promptly!

What are the benefits or rubbish removal services?

  • No permit required: One of the biggest pros of rubbish removal compared to skip hire is that you don’t need to acquire a permit to hire a waste removal firm, whereas a permit is typically needed when you hire a skip.
  • Convenience: By its nature, rubbish removal services are more convenient than a skip hire. This is because the rubbish removal company clear and collect the waste for you, which means you can maintain your busy routine or take the time to relax whilst the team do the work
  • More safe for you: Building on the previous point, it is far safer to hire a rubbish removal company than a skip since those who provide rubbish removal services are fully trained and experienced in removing, lifting and clearing waste. Whereas by loading a skip by yourself, you can put yourself at risk of serious injury by managing heavy loads.
  • Less of an eyesore: When you hire a skip, it can be left outside of your home for some time before you contact the hire company and request a collection. Within this time, the skip can become an eyesore outside of your home, attract passers by who use it as a convenient place to dump their own waste and it can consume a lot of space. Therefore, one of the biggest perks of rubbish removal services is that the response is immediate and rubbish removal companies will leave your property with all of your waste at the time of the service, not leave it for later collection.

What are the benefits of hiring a skip?

  • Good for long-term jobs: The immediacy of rubbish removal services can make skip hire a better option for those who are looking to undertake long term home renovation projects, for example. This is because they can make use of the skip as and when it is necessary to do so and have it collected or replaced at the end of a job. Meanwhile rubbish removal tends to take place during one appointment.
  • Keeps your premises safe: By hiring and using a skip in construction sites and renovation areas, it gives you the opportunity to move waste and put it out of the way as you work, whereas waiting for a rubbish removal company might involve leaving your waste waiting around. When this is on a construction site or in your home, it can be very dangerous. From sharp objects to cluttered floor space, skips can remove the items and avoid nasty accidents from occurring.

Which is more cost effective?

There is no simple answer to which alternative is more affordable. After all, it depends on the kind of job you are doing, how long it takes, the amount of waste involved and how long you might need to rent the skip for. For a better idea of prices for your specific needs, it is a good idea to call up companies and discuss your requirements for a reliable quote. Then, you can compare these quotes to determine which is most cost-effective and affordable for your project or needs. It is important to consider all of the benefits and weaknesses of hiring a skip or a rubbish clearance service before choosing what is right for you, but we hope this post helps make that decision!